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Adhering to COFCO brand concept of “Source from nature, reshaping you and me”, brand LOHAS is devoted to providing healthy, safe, and natural food and drink for consumers.
“LOHAS” explores Lake Baikal, a superior quality water source, and brings the pure taste of nature to Chinese consumers.
LOHAS BAIKAL Natural Water: From Lake Baikal 430 meters deep, contains low sodium, low salinity, suitable for long-term drinking.
LOHAS BAIKAL Natural Mineral Water: From Baikal Lake, contains low sodium, appropriate amount of mineral and beneficial mineral mexta-silicic acid, the content of mexta-silicic acid is 25-100mg / L.

Adhering to the COFCO concept of “Source from Nature, Reshaping You and Me”, brand LOHAS adheres to the brand proposition of “Source of Nature, Enjoy Life”, advocates a natural and original lifestyle, and provides healthy and high-quality products.“Good mountain nurtures good water, good water to drink Yuehuo”, LOHAS  Mount Emei Water water source is located in one of China's top five high-quality mineral water sources (Emeishan hot spring water source), taken from 1652 meters deep underground, soft, clear and sweet. LOHAS Mount Emei Water contains strontium and many other mineral elements required by the human body, and the mineral content is moderate, suitable for long-term drinking.
Ice Dew Chun Yue

Chun Yue is a bottled water brand with trusted quality assurance from Coca-Cola Company, It adopts the strict quality control of the global Coca-Cola system to ensure the reliable quality of water. Chun Yue packaged water with the brand characteristics of “Diamond Purity", through more than 186 strict control of water quality, for urban consumers in pursuit of quality life to bring comfortable drinking experience.

Ice Dew

Ice Dew is a well-recognized bottled drinking water brand developed by Coca-Cola China for many years in the domestic market.