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YO Tea

YO Tea is a series of seasoned tea drinks for young consumers.

The pronunciation of "唷"is "YO".

"YO"is a way of greeting each other among young people in the current popular street culture .We want to be able to integrate into young consumers and use their language to communicate with them, so we name  it YO Tea. In the design of brand fonts.we also follow the art form of street graffiti,font writing is younger.

YO Tea represents a young and positive way of life.We encourage young people to get rid of their worries and numbness so that they can let their moods go and enjoy their current life with pleasure.

Authentic Tea House

Authentic Tea House is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola Company,which was first listed and sold in Hong Kong.
      Brand meaning:Authentic Tea House stands for "simple and mellow tea house".This  series of sugar-free tea drinks use real tea as raw materials without sugar,to provide a simple and real taste of tea for each drink.The brand name design of Authentic Tea House is handwritten with Chinese traditional brush calligraphy,which is intended to show the long-standing tea culture in China and also represent the traditional taste of Chinese tea.

Hi-C is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola Company, which was first listed and sold in Hong Kong.
For decades, We insisted on bringing the positive image of "sunshine every day" to consumers. Just right "light" astringent tea flavor, classic lemon tea flavor.