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Minute Main

Minute Main Pulpy Orange is a fruit juice brand of Coca-cola Company in China.Its most prominent feature is "with real fruit".Every bottle of the product contains real fruit.Full and juicy taste follows every mouthful of fruit juice.The excellent combination of fruit juice and real fruit let you feel the true essence of deliciousness and the grace of nature.

Minute Maid Pulpy Orange has been well received by consumers since it was first marketed in  China  in 2005.

More than one billion people drink Minute Maid Juice Orange series every year.Minute Maid Juice Orange has become the fourteenth  Coca-cola brand with value of more than one billion US dollars and one of the fastest-growing brands. Minute Maid has been the most popular brands for consumers.

Minute Maid launched a new generation of product series.The company carefully developed innovative recipe and packaging design,and meticulous  built a unique product portfolio,including Minute Maid Great Fruit Orange.Flower一Favored Drink(white grapes+sophora japonica).(red grapes+roses).Tropical Fruit Drink,Passion fruit Drink lemon.Various fantastic choices are offered to the consumers for enjoyment.


Launched in 2001,Qoo is the first Coca-Cola beverage brand targeting children in the Chinese Mainland.In addition to the product itself,the lovely cartoon character Qoo is also popular with children and their mothers.It quickly became one of the most popular beverage brands in China.By 2015,Qoo had been introduced to 28 provinces and municipalities nationwide for sales.With product upgrade and new visual experience.Qoo rebuilds its brand targeting mothers,aiming to provide consumers with cool,tasty,healthy and safe products.Qoo fruit juice series are rich in vitamin C and free of preservatives,thanks to the application of instant sterilization technology.

Qoo fruit milk series contain zinc,niacin,vitamin E and other nutrients,comply with consumers' health demands,and thus are widely welcomed by children and their mothers.