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[Bao Rui] is the Chinese brand name of POWERADE,which is the trademark that Coca-Cola is applying for.The Coca-Cola Company launched the PowerAde sports drink in 1992 and became the official sports drink  for the Olympic Games.

On the basis of supplementing the electrolyte.

PowerAde provides consumers with two different taste options,namely[PowerAde Ran/Intensity] and [PowerAde Nai/Endurance]. to cater to the nutritional needs of consumers in different sports scenes.Coca-Cola hopes to bring a sports drink suitable for different sports groups to consumers.

[PowerAde Ran/Intensity]:Sports drinks contain vitamin B6 and niacin.

[PowerAde Nai/Endurance]:Sports drinks contain Electrolytes(ION4) and PeptoPro.(case in hydrolysate)

Shui Dong Le

Shui Dong Le was successfully launched in 2014 and became one of the mainstream beverages in the nutrient beverage category within one year. To further enhance the brand vitality of Aquarius,Coca-Cola China upgraded Aquarius in 2015 and extended two flavors to four ones, so as to better meet consumer needs while maintaining original retail price unchanged.

Shui Dong Le Fruit-Vegetable series:based on the original recipe featured by "trace minerals+vitamin+water”,eight servings of concentrated fruits and vegetables are newly included to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers in fast-paced life, making the products more consistent with the natural and healthy lifestyle concept increasingly advocated by people, suitable for everyday drinking.

There are currently four flavors available:peach,lemon,  orange,  berry.